Topic outline

  • Course 1: Introduction to Settlement Language Training

    This course will give you a general overview of the LINC program.

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  • Module 1.1: LINC

    In This module, you will learn about the LINC program, the learners, and the different levels.

  • Module 1.2: The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and Curricula

    Learn about CLB basics, ELSA curricula, in-house curricula and the LINC Curriculum Guidelines in this module.

  • Module 1.3: Placement, Assessment & Progression

    This module will take a look at current, transitioning, and past practices for placement, assessment and progression in the LINC context.

  • Module 1.4: Lesson Planning and Instruction in LINC

    Module 1.4 will provide a brief overview of lesson planning and connecting learners to their communities.

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