Getting to Know the Learners: Needs Assessment and Self-Discovery Activities.

CLB and CLB L learners.

What is the difference between a CLB1 and a CLB 1L learner?

CLB: ESL for ALL (p. 31) recognizes that ESL learners (mainstream) and ESL Literacy learners will be working towards CLB learning outcomes at different pace and will require different supports. For benchmarks CLB 1-4, there is a comparative profile of ability.

See the Profile of Ability for a learner at CLB 1L in reading, and identify the differences. For convenience, see the reproduction of CLB 1L below:

(CLB: ESL for ALL, 2015:41)

Individually, check the differences between CLB 1 and CLB 1L in writing.  Answer the same question in relation to levels that are currently in your class. For example, if you teach CLB 4-3, look at the differnces between CLB 3 and CLB 3L as well as CLB 4 and CLB 4L in both skills.