Deconstructing the Task: Skill-Building and Skill-Using

3 Reading continuum.

Let's take a look at a specific example. Learners in our group are working towards a CLB 1 task (e.g., reading a greeting card wishing someone to get well soon). Many of the learners in the group can easily identify a wishing well greeting card from other greeting cards. They are able to understand the message, sender and the recipient on a few similar cards. At the same time, a student Zulaila doesn't seem to be able to complete the task individually. I notice despair in her eyes. I'm trying to identify the gaps and find appropriate supports in this case. I browse through the ESL Literacy Continuum in reading (CLB: ESL for ALL, 2015: 108-123). I use the continuum to deconstruct the task to help Zulaila acquire necessary skills to progress. See the diagram below for example. 

SBA - skill-building activities. There is a list of suggested skill-building activities for each benchmark in CLB: ESL for ALL. For example, see p. 42 for CLB 1L.