Deconstructing the Task: Skill-Building and Skill-Using

5 Language Experience Approach (LEA)

LEA is an efficient way to engage Literacy learners in reading and writing practice through the use of personal experiences and oral language. "The LEA is as diverse in practice as its practitioners”. (Marcia Taylor, 1992). Read about the LEA basics on CAELA website.

I have applied LEA with the tasks that required the development and application of the metacognitive skills and, therefore, seemed particularily challenging at the Literacy level (e.g., keeping a learning log in student portfolios). In my experience, LEA has proven to be an effective way to scaffold learning reflections, and then record, share and review them as a class, in pairs, and individually. On the graphic, I'm using thsteps identified on CAELA website to describe the process that facilitates learning reflections with an Adult ESL Literacy group on a weekly basis. Here you can see an example from my class. Please be advised that the images used on the slides were modified for the purposes of this training. In your classes (with the permission from the students), use full images. When you access the presentation, hit PRESENT in the right top corner to see what it will look like in class or on paper. Try it with your students :)