Deconstructing the Task: Skill-Building and Skill-Using

2 Interactive instructional approach: “whole-part-whole”.

"... Every task, even if large and seemingly overwhelming, is a series of small manageable steps that can be learned and applied” (CLB: ESL for ALL, p. 12) .

CLB: ESL for ALL outlines ESL Literacy Continuum for reading and writing skills. 

What is it and how can it be utilized in our instruction?

It is a valuable "resource that describes some of the skills, knowledge and strategies that ESL Literacy learners may need to acquire to support their daily activities. The continuum addresses the very specific "parts" or the technical aspects of literacy development. Instructors might find it helpful to refer to these detailed strands when a learner is having difficulty with a specific concept or task. The continuum can help an instructor identify which skills or abilities may be causing the learner difficulty. This information can be used to informally diagnose gaps in the learner's skills and to target instruction in a way that best meets the learner's needs. In addressing these developmental needs, an instructor may find it helpful to devise a series of simple tasks and activities that allow the learner to build related skills in a way that is appropriately progressive."(CLB: ESL for ALL, 2015: 105).