Deconstructing Assessment

4 CLB and CATK.

- CLB: ESL for Adults, 2012
- CLB: ESL for ALL, 2015
- CATK, 2015

All of the documents above include a wealth of real-world-focused, skill-based sample tasks in 4 competencies (interacting with others, comprehending instructions/reproducing information, getting things done, and comprehending information/sharing information) and 3 areas of communication (study, community, work) that can be used and adapted in Adult ESL literacy instruction.

I have identified 3 steps that will allow us to use these tasks in our own contexts.

Step 1. Select a level appropriate task (use a task as is, design a new task based on the sample, tweak the sample to suit own needs).

Step 2. Identify the skill-building activities and supports appropriate for Adult ESL Literacy learners in your context.

Step 3. Select a level appropriate assessment tool (use as is, design a new one, tweak the sample to suit own needs).

Following the steps in the table below, devise an assessment plan for a level in your group. Fill in the Assessment Plan (brief notes) column and share your ideas on the forum (Task 2).