Deconstructing Assessment

3 Which tools to choose for my class? What are the steps to use the CATK?

CATK contains practical ideas on tasks and assessment tools that can be easily adapted to the use in the classroom.

  Which tools to choose for my class? What are the steps to use the Toolkit?

  For each assessment, you need to choose a Benchmark, a skill area    (listening/speaking/reading/writing), and the competency you are addressing in class  (interacting with others, instructions, getting things done, information).

 The toolkit will have ideas and methods of formative assessment at each of the CLBs. The  toolkit allows the flexibility of calibrating tools up and down. See CATK, 2015: iv.

Go through the following steps to see CATK in practice. For example, I have been looking for an assessment tool for reading, Foundation Literacy, interacting with others. In this case:

  1. I go to Assessment at
  2. Access Reading.
  3. Check FL, interacting with others. Unfortunately, there isn't a specific tool in this category. However, there is one for CLB 1, interacting with others.
  4. I access the CLB 1-I tool.
  5. The tool used is a simple checklist.
  6. I decide to adapt the task and the assessment tool to the level of my learners.
  7. I download the Word document to introduce the changes. In my case, I change the target vocabulary my learners will need to identify in order to complete the task.

Identify your skill, benchmark, and competency area that you are currently working on or would like to address with your learners and follow the steps described above. This is an individual learning activity.