Deconstructing Assessment

5 Instructor-made materials.

In Adult ESL Literacy, we are often required to devise our own materials. Instructor-made or modified resources can greatly enhance learning. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the features of communication when selecting and designing materials/tools for Adult ESL Literacy group. This applies to both designing the assessment tools and the worksheets for skill-building activities.

To identify benchmark specific features of communication appropriate for ESL Literacy learners, check "Conditions for Learning” for each benchmark in CLB: ESL for ALL. For example, see p. 35 for Foundation L. 

For convenience, I have included a screenshot from the page 35 below.

Access the CLB: ESL for ALL, 2015 to check conditions for learning for the benchmarks inyour class. What is specific for levels in your class? This is an individual learning activity.

To learn more about developing worksheets for Adult ESL Litearcy learners, proceed to the video activity in this Module.